• Get immediate access to our products and services after hours by calling our emergency number and speaking with one of our associates.

  • Our assigned associate will be there to meet you at our store within an hour of your call (or as agreed during phone call) and provide you with the products and/or service you need. Please note, no cash transactions are permitted after hours. All purchases must be charged to your Magnum Products Group account, a credit/debit card, by using a money order or company check.



  • An account with Magnum Products Group is required to receive our Emergency Services. If you do not currently have one, you can download our Magnum Products Group Credit Application form. Complete and submit via fax or email.

  • You are not required to open a credit account with us; however, without a Magnum Products Group Credit Account, a credit card or company check will be required to make any purchases within our 24/7 Emergency Service program. To only sign up for a Magnum Products Group account (non-credit) skip over the Trade References and Bank References sections of the application.

  • Fill out our 24-Hour Emergency form and return to us signed by an authorized person. 

  • Texas Sales Tax Exemption form available here.

  • You will receive a Magnum Product’s Group Emergency Card in the mail. This card will list our emergency phone numbers and Emergency Service Usage Instructions.

By submitting this information, you certify that:

  • You are the owner or principal of the company for which the account will been established, or that you are otherwise authorized by such company to confirm and approve the list of employees to use the Magnum Products Group 24-Hour Emergency Service.

  • You agree with the $100 (per use) charge for the service ($200 on holidays).

  • You also understand that the availability of parts you need cannot be guaranteed by Magnum Products Group.

Still have questions about our 24-Hour Emergency Service? You can contact our Vice President of Marketing here or by calling 972.548.2624.


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Equipment broke down after hours? No need to panic!

Get access to the parts you need any time, day or night with our newly implemented

24 Hour Emergency Program -- because we know sometimes the job can’t wait.


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