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Hydraulic Cylinder Failure - 5 Common Causes

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

HYDRAULICS, HYDRAULICS EVERYWHERE! Hydraulic Cylinders have multiple uses in modern times. From construction equipment to manufacturing machinery to heavy industrial and oil and gas equipment. Proper maintenance and service are essential for longer-lasting equipment and minimum downtime, but of course, things don't always go as planned. Whether by environmental issues or human oversight, there are many issues that can surface in hydraulic cylinders. These are the most common causes for the top 5 hydraulic cylinder issues.

5 Common Causes

  1. Leaking Seals - By far the most common cause for cylinder failure. Leaking seals can be a result of a variety of issues such as a faulty fitting, corrosion, oil contamination, incorrect metalwork clearances, among others. Ensuring proper application of fluid and seal installation, as well as regular maintenance can help you prevent major issues.

  2. Damaged Piston Rod - Operational issues like a damaged or bent piston rod can be caused by improper alignment or by overloading between the load and the cylinder.

  3. Corroded Barrel - Issues with a corroded barrel are often caused by water or other contaminants inside the cylinder and may also indicate improper use of the equipment or a harsh environment. This type of issue can be prevented by blocking the entry of impurities into the cylinder.

  4. Overheated Cylinder - Extreme temperatures in a hydraulic cylinder can sometimes be caused by worn components, undersized reservoir or improper adjustments among other things. When a cylinder is overheating it can prevent the system from operating effectively, damage seal compounds, accelerate oil degradation and waste electricity.

  5. Broken Eye Bearing - Broken eye bearings are often a result of overloading the cylinder above its specifications or shock loading caused by a sudden impact to hight pressure.

Of course, regular inspections and maintenance can help with preventing or delaying each of these problems and thus reducing your downtime. Because time is money! But if the need for service arises and you want a trusted service provider that can get you back up and running in no time, Magnum Products Group is here for you.

At Magnum, we have established a reputation for providing quick and cost-effective solutions to ensure equipment downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. Our technicians are highly experienced, well-equipped and passionate about providing you with top-level customer service. Your operation's productivity and profitability continue to be our top priority.

Locally owned and conveniently located at 901 North McDonald Street, Suite 100 in McKinney, Texas, Magnum Products Group's Hydraulic Shop specializes in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and is well equipped with in-house welding and machining capabilities to meet your specific needs. In addition, we stock a wide variety of parts which minimizes turnaround time and saves you money. All serviced equipment thoroughly inspected and cleaned to ensure proper function.

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